Friday, May 2, 2014

Mediterranean Cruise, Port 1: Valletta, Malta.

It has been a while. I hope you are still interested. I will pretend that you are. So last November Todd and I went on a Cruise through the Mediterranean. Todd is the Husband, by the way. You'd like him.

We went on the Celebrity Equinox. It was really out of this world. It was the first cruise for us both, and we instantly fell right into the swing of things. We drank. We ate. We toured exotic locales. We wore checkered shirts. Really, what is not to love about this sort of vacation? Unless of course you don't like boats. But even not liking boats can be remedied by an all night buffet or a Glass Blowing demonstration.

14 Nights from Barcelona, Spain and back. First stop after a day at sea (during which I was able to catch a glimpse of southern Sardinia's coast line... pangs of desire to go back) was Valletta, Malta. Totally one of those places that I had always wanted to travel to as it seemed to be a bit off the path, but didn't think I would ever get to as there wasn't much of a pull as a stand alone destination. However, when you happen to be on a boat filled with 3,000 people, I suspect it is neccasary to stop and gas up every few days. And why not do it in Malta? So here we are, in a compact city in a compact island nation steeped in history. What I found was an architecturally beautifully place, that was a bit down on its luck. Valletta was beautiful, but needed a Hot Oil Treatment and a Prozac. However, like most places in this part of the world, the sunlight in conjunction with the Sea and the stone, simply does wonders for city in need of a self esteem boost. At least in photographs.

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