Friday, May 9, 2014

Mediterranean Cruise, Port 2: Athens, Greece.

Athens. Well really just the Acropolis. This was the one and only time we utilized an 'excursion' offered by the ship. We figured, that since the boat was docked a bit far from Athens itself, we were a bit short on time and neither of us were familiar with the city and how to best get around, it was a good way to go. 

Well we should have looked at the fine print a bit more closely because the excursion wasn't to the Acropolis itself, but rather for the Acropolis Museum. That still makes no sense to me. Totally maddening. Who goes to Athens and just goes to the Acropolis Museum and not to the Acropolis itself? 

I digress with a lesson learned. So while inside the Museum, which was in fact lovely, Todd and I realized that we had about an hour and a half before we had to be back on the bus, our absolute fill of a tour guide who constantly spouted 'So don't say it is all Greek me!' (while highlighting every word in the English language that is derived somehow from Greek - and there are a lot), enough Euros in our pocket to pay the entrance fee to the actual Acropolis and four working legs - so up the hill we went. And it was beautiful.

Once we came down, we even had a few minutes to see Hadrian's Arch. That Hadrian got around.

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