Sunday, October 7, 2012

The High Line. Section 3.

Today was a pretty cool New York day. As part of the Open House New York I started the rainy day with a 2 hour walking tour of Turtle Bay, but the day became amazing by hitting the unopened third section of the High Line Park. Sponsored by Uniqlo, the self guided tour allows you to walk the entire undeveloped third section above the Hudson Rail Yard at your own pace, with the chance to enjoy the overgrown tracks in their undeniably dilapidated and beautiful state. The Hudson Yards Project will change this area of NYC in the very near future, so the chance to see and photograph this is an absolute must. The possible changes look a little something like this.  Sadly, According to the High Line's website, reservations for October 13th and 14th tours are completely booked, but it's worth trying in whatever way you can to check it out. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

The High Line, NYC.

The High Line has fast become one of New York City's most popular attractions, even though its third section has yet to be completed. The stretch of elevated railway that has been re-purposed as an urban park space along Manhattan's West Side is worth all the accolades it receives. Some may hem and haw that the Meat Packing District will never be the same, but to me the change in urban living and evolution of city neighborhoods is inevitable. So if you can before summer ends, spend the day walking the 20 or so blocks of one of the worlds great urban landscapes. Along the first section there are some food vendors where you can grab a People's Pop to cool off and laze in the shade, but there are plenty of places to picnic along the way as well. For a more historical and inclusive experience, download The Bowery Boys free walking tour of the High Line to your iPod before you go.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Italy 2012. Panarea, Isole Eolie.

Next up was Panarea, the smallest in a volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea known as the Aeolian Islands, just north of Messina, Sicily. This is the island where my Mother's side of the family is from. Some people can trace their heritage back to Arkansas, but I get Panarea. Lucky, huh? Nothing against Arkansas of course, but I think we can agree that Panarea is slightly more exotic, no? Anyway, we arrived via Stromboli on the overnight ferry from Naples, and after a good nights rest on the boat we docked at San Pietro, and set out to visit one of the islands highlights, the ancient village at Capo Milazzese at Cala Junco on the southern end of the island, just past the small village of Drauto. As well as being the sight of the Neolithic ruins, Cala Junco also happens to host one of the most picturesque inlets in all of the Aeolian Islands. So our days were spent, visiting the cemetery where our Grandparents are buried (apparently, my Great Grandfather is actually buried under the alter of the islands old church!), strolling the tiny streets, sipping Campari and Soda's at Hotel la Piazza, taking in the numerous views of the imposing Volcano on Stromboli, boating around the nearby Islets of Basiluzzo and Lisca Bianca with a very weathered man named Bartolino, and of course... eating gelato. The second to last picture of this post, is the house where my Grandparents, Olympia and Angelo Tesoriero lived. Also for the record, the bar overlooking the Sea at Hotel la Pizza is the very place where, in 1996, my love affair with Campari and Soda began.