Monday, July 11, 2011

The Bronx Zoo

Living in NY for most of my life, but only having been to the Bronx Zoo on an Elementary School field trip like 30 years ago, I thought it high time that I make a return visit. So earlier this Summer I set out, Nikon in hand, on a trip that would bring me to all corners of the wildlife globe. Giraffe and Gorillas and Bears, oh my! Over 4,000 species of animal are represented in both indoor and outdoor exhibits. If you live in the NYC area you may recall a scandal or two involving the Zoo, including Ota Benga and the now legendary Cobra escapee and Twitter star named Mia. It is the largest metroplitan zoo in the US, and being right in NYC, there are bound to animals that would rather hit a local food truck or have rooftop drinks at The Gansevoort.