Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lisbon In Color, Post 2

This second post on Lisbon consists of more of the amazing color that inspired me. From the town of Belem with its Modern Art Museum and Imposing Monastery, to the streets of Chiado, Alfama and Barrio Alto, it seemed that everywhere I looked there was a burst of color that some other cities in Europe don't seem to contain. The first photo is of the Mosterio dos Jeronimos in Belem, just outside Lisbon.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lisbon In Color, Post 1

Ok so this will be a multi part mega post. I took so many photos from Lisbon due to the combination of being totally inspired by my new Nikon D90, and the beauty of the city, its people, architechure and geography. I spent 5 days walking up and down the endless hills and wanting to steal all the beautiful tiles that I saw. Many of the buildings here are adorned with handmade tiles and I was really inspired by the the amazing colors they contained and so I took more color photos than usual because I wanted to show the city in the same vibrant way. This first photgraph is looking down from the top of Calçada de Santana toward Rossio.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Some shots from Floyd Bennett Field that I took today. It seems to have gone from New York City's first Municipal Airport to a semi unkempt yet interesting part of the National Park Service. From a rec center to a community garden, people seem to have made the most of it. The defunct hangars were crazy spooky and frighteningly accessible.