Sunday, October 7, 2012

The High Line. Section 3.

Today was a pretty cool New York day. As part of the Open House New York I started the rainy day with a 2 hour walking tour of Turtle Bay, but the day became amazing by hitting the unopened third section of the High Line Park. Sponsored by Uniqlo, the self guided tour allows you to walk the entire undeveloped third section above the Hudson Rail Yard at your own pace, with the chance to enjoy the overgrown tracks in their undeniably dilapidated and beautiful state. The Hudson Yards Project will change this area of NYC in the very near future, so the chance to see and photograph this is an absolute must. The possible changes look a little something like this.  Sadly, According to the High Line's website, reservations for October 13th and 14th tours are completely booked, but it's worth trying in whatever way you can to check it out. 

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