Monday, May 19, 2014

Mediterranean Cruise, Port 3: Mykonos, Greece.

Next stop was Mykonos, the requisite port in the Cyclades. A wildly popular spot in the warmer months for the fabulous party and beach crowd, November was a lovely month to walk the whitewashed alleyways with almost none of the crowds. We walked directly from the boat, along the water, into the main town, Chora. Since we were at the very end of the season, many things were closed for business, but in a way it allowed us to not get caught up in the hustle and just take the island town for a more simple spin. We explored the churches and Windmills in solitude. We enjoyed a lovely bite along the harbor, and slowly window shopped at the places still open. Warm enough to wear shorts, but never break a sweat, I think this was the perfect time for us to see this place.

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