Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sardinia, Post 4 - The Nuraghi

There are something like 8,000 Nuraghic villages on Sardinia, and that is only the ones that have been excavated. These photos are just a sample of what you can find on the island if you have a fetish for ruins. Most of the Nuraghi date back at least 3,500 years. And I thought Cloris Leachman was old. I traveled down to the largest excavated village in the town of Su Nuraxi, where along with the village there is also a museum dedicated to that specific site and the man who pioneered the dig. It just seemed amazing to me that with all the unexcavated areas of the island, that under any hill that I saw there could have been village dating back to... well, a really long time ago.

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