Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sardinia, Post 3 - Grotta di Nettuno, Alghero, Sassari and Tharros.

From San Pasquale, I headed to the western shore of the island, stopping at Capo Caccia and Grotta di Nettuno

From There, I headed a bit south to the Charming seaside town/tourist mecca of Alghero. It was here, I found my first beloved granita of the trip. The first time I had one was with my Mother, Sister and Aunt on the Island of Panarea (where the maternal side of my family hails from) and I have had a love affair with it ever since. I usually always choose the coffee granita. This one in Alghero was perfect. I should have asked for two.

Then it was on to Sassari, Sardinia's second largest city. Sassari seemed the most authentic urban place on the Island. It has a long history of art and cultural and has been ruled over by everyone under the sun, but now it is a city that feels as though it isn't really trying to please anyone, it is just being what it is. Lovely at times, a bit worn at others.

From there it was down to Tharros, the ancient Phoenician city at the tip of an isthmus to the west of Oristano.

The drive back up to Alghero from here along the coast line, provided some of the most beautiful views of the trip.

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