Monday, September 20, 2010

Sardinia, Post 1.

So I wasn't sure quite how to approach this, as I took almost 800 photos of my trip to Sardinia. I decided that the easiest way for me to post some pics was to first give you a general photo overview from the places on the island that I traveled to and then with each subsequent post, give more detail on those individual places/regions that I saw. Also to help, I thought I would give you a google map to give you an idea of the geography that was covered, Its at the very bottom of this post. I will link in more info on each place as I post on them to give a more in depth idea on the sights.

The small village of San Pasquale where I stayed.
One of the many inlets of Capo Testa
Capo Caccia and the opening to Neptune's Grotto
The Naval Museum on Isola Maddalena
Inside the Nuraghi village in Su Nuraxi
Do I really need to tell you what these are?
A view from Isola Caprera

View Sardinia in a larger map

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j e t s e t WISDOM said...

Your photography is simply stellar! You have a great eye, and the photo quality is top!