Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rome 2

My love affair continues. Here are some new photos from my trip to Italy last week. I put an on my iPod with a playist of the Italian pop trifecta of Eros Ramazotti, Elisa and Tiziano Ferro and headed down to Castel Sant Angelo. For those of you who need more incentive then the view and the history that this structure affords... there is also a bar at the top! It was a blustery and rainy day (so blustery that my umbrella became a causuality), but just as I got to the terrace the rain subsided and the sun poked her head out to shine over the Tiber. 


Julie said...

I want to go to Rome with you! The photos are amazing..........I love the one of 'acqua potable' and the the building reflected in the water below and the rooftop and the fountain, too! I didn't know you were such an avid photographer. Do you know my friend, Donald Martinez? He does some really excellent photography work...he works with the blind doing rather abstract styles of photography. I think you'd enjoy seeing some of his work.

Enjoy Barcelona~

cheers, Julie Geremia

Sean said...

It would be wonderful to see your name on a Rome trip I was working! Thanks for the kind words. I am not sure I know your friend Donald, but his art sounds super interesting!