Saturday, December 12, 2009

Montserrat, Spain

 There are some times in my job that I literally feel like a ping pong ball being volleyed back and forth across an ocean, and it it seems like an endless struggle with time zones, jet lag, irate passengers, holidays spent alone, turbulence, etc. One of the quick fix remedies for that feeling is a wonderful layover in which I am slapped with the reality that, at times, my job is pretty fucking cool. I was just given one of those layovers, 48 hours in Barcelona. I have been to Barcelona before many times and have posted some other photos on here, but this time I left the city and headed north, well northwest if you want to be technical, to Montserrat. It lies about 50 KMs from Barcelona, and the abridged vesion of the story is that in an ancient village on top of the mountain an image of the Virgin Mary was found in cave after some locals had experienced visions that they believed were signs from God. That statue, the 'Black Madonna' is on display at a Monestary perched on the side of the mountain, but you can also go further up the mountain to see the ruins of the village and the cave itself. Dont worry if the Catholic part doesn't interest you because the cable car that whisks you up to the top, and the view looking down over surrounding Catalonia is worth your 22 Euros, and then some. 

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