Monday, January 16, 2012

Paris, France.

It has been a while. Sorry for that my loyal followers, but hopefully photos from Paris will satiate your appetite. I was lucky enough to have an extended layover in Paris this month, so I was able to put aside my jet lag, grab my camera and get out and about for a bit.

Musée des Art Décoratifs is currently showing a retrospective of John-Paul Goude. It's stunning, so if you happen to be traveling to (or living in) Paris sometime between now and March 18, 2012, then it is certainly worth checking out. One of the amazing things about this man was his ability to manipulate a photo negative by cutting it into pieces in order to stretch and alter the images appearance. like 30 years before Photoshop. One of his big muses in life was Grace Jones, so that may give some idea of what sort of visuals to expect. There was neon, there was Björk, there was a woman dressed in white who had balls on her neck and who appeared to be floating. See photo below as evidence. #totesamazeballs.

This rest of my trip was complete with a 3 hour lunch with a bottle of rosé (as one does), meandering through the winding streets, dinner in the Les Marais, drinks with friends at the Open Cafe and an invite to Victor Hugo's apartment. He was not there of course, but did you know he had a daughter named Léopoldine


Gigi said...

Hey Sean -
Victor Hugo was a FASCINATING guy. I toured his house in Guernsey (Channel Islands) and it was SO creative! He'd decorate his ceiling but putting beautiful rugs on it, he took the backs of chairs and lined them along the wall to just look like woodwork, he recovered from sink to floor in box shapes covered with blue & white dutch tiles...the first floor was quite dark, but as you go up to the third, it got lighter and lighter. He had four kids by the way, 2 girls, 2 boys, three died tragically...the fourth interpreted his work into different languages. One of his daughters...I think...followed a soldier slightly too passionately..he didn't love her...and might have lost her mind...lots of cool stuff behind the scenes...
Love Geeg

The Bowery Boys - Greg said...

These pictures are sick, SICK I tell you. Gorgeous!