Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sydney, Bondi and the Blue Mountains, Australia.

Sydney. What can I say, really? It's worth every second of the time it takes to get there, and it is filled with people who maintain a feisty and artistic spirit, an amazing harbo(u)r and vibrant neighborhoods. The Royal Botanical Gardens, Darling Harbour, the Sydney Opera House, views of the Harbour Bridge from the Rocks, and dinner at Orto in Surry Hills are all musts while you're visiting. Bondi beach is just a bus ride from the city and offers up a fierce bit of ocean beach that brings in the surfers and serious swimmer. Out of the city and up into the Blue Mountains lay the the Three Sisters, and amazing rock formation that jut out in a valley full of waterfalls and eucalyptus trees. Sydney and it's surrounding area is, as my friends David and Melissa taught me, BONZA!

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Mark Kullman said...

Wow! The mountains are gorgeous! One day I hope to make it down under.