Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zurich, Switzerland

So I has been just about 2 months (!) since my last update, and I know you are all going through withdrawls so I thought it best to throw you a bone and post something. Sarcasm, kids.  But seriously, I have been stockpiling photos so updates should be more frequent. So, I am in Switzerland on a layover, and as I walked around Zurich this afternoon/evening I listened (repeatedly) to the fabulous new Adele cd, 21. There is something about her voice that suits this city well and its strong ability to seem sleepy and vibrant at the same time.


meme said...

These bring back so many memories...
You are really a fabulous photographer.
Thanks for sharing, Sean.

Sean said...

I'm happy you like them, and of course thanks for the kind words.