Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Madrid and the Matterhorn

I went to Madrid for the first time last month, and sadly I wasn't able to get out and see the city the way that I wanted too and take some proper photos due to a wicked bad head cold.  But not to worry though because I get to go again a few times in July, so I promise there will be a proper Madrid posting or two.  The photos below are just of the very quick walk around the city that I was able to get in while my DayQuil was still working. Like I said, some time within the next month I will have a post a proper group of pics from Madrid but for now, I hope you enjoy these. 

Also, I was able to get a great shot of the Matterhorn on my way back from Milan last week.  Anyone been skiing in the Alps? One day, I will do that :)

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