Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Florida Keys - Post 3

The drive south continued from Marathon and over the Seven Mile Bridge to Bahia Honda State Park and then a stop at Baby's Coffee before the entering Key West proper. A drive up (down) crowded Duval Street led to the hotel. We left the car, checked in and hit the town. We arrived in the late afternoon so we watched the sunset, hit Mangoes for dinner and then a drag show at a place that shall remain nameless due to its really lackluster ability to find drag preformers who could lipsync, much less wear heels. There were a few stand outs, but mostly my dad could have done drag better, and for those of you who know my dad, you know just how ridiculous that sounds.  I may have gotten drunk this night. Maybe.
Day two in Key West led us to Ernest Hemingway's home, the Key West Lighthouse, shopping up and down Duval Street, The Little White House , some lunch at Willie T's , dinner at Sarabeth's, and drinks at Boubon Street Pub, where the picture of the rubber ducks came from.
One of the more amazing Key West moments is the sunset. I mean seriously. Every day people head down, grab a drink and sit and watch the sky light up with the most amazing colors. Certainly one of the better ones I have seen. 

The last day involved the drive back to Miami to catch a flight home, but not before stopping to play some miniatur golf at Boondocks. I lost but the Tigers Blood Sno-Cone totally kicked ass.

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