Thursday, April 9, 2009


I worked a flight to London last night. Pretty much sass free as far as delays or unruly passengers go, however something humorously odd occurred halfway through the flight. I was working in the galley in Business class and I heard a passenger call light going off. It turns out it was coming from a bathroom in the business class cabin. I headed in the direction of the lavatory, and as I approached I saw that the door was open and there was a woman sitting on the toilet. She had blond hair, and was wearing a black dress that was hiked up and bunched in her lap. My first thought was that she was actually sitting on the toilet seat. If there is anything that my 5 sisters have taught me, it is that woman usually implement the 'hover' technique when using public restrooms. I thought her disregard for her own personal hygiene was inexcusable, but I don't judge. I noticed that her panties were around her calves, and realized at this point there was a possibility that she needed help with something that I was totally not trained nor qualified to handle. Since the woman had yet to notice me, I thought that perhaps it would be better if a female Flight Attendant handled this, so I went and asked the Purser if she wouldn't mind assisting this woman. I went back to the galley. Less than 10 minutes go by, and the Purser comes to tell me what happened. Apparently, the woman has low blood sugar and was feeling light headed because she had not eaten all day. She was afraid that bending over to retrieve her panties and then standing up might prove too much for her, and that she may in fact pass out if she tried to handle these 2 activities on her own. So the Purser helped her off the toilet seat and lifted her panties up for her. She also helped her back to her seat and got her some orange juice and a cookie. The woman told her that this has happened before but she was with her husband and so he was able to assist the Flight Attendant. Then the woman went to bed and slept until landing. Happened before? Assist the Flight Attendant. Really?

Oh, and while I am in London on my Layover, I am listening to and loving Drake 'Little Bit' Feat. Lykke Li.

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